Sony DSC-H300 Digital Compact Bridge Camera

Sony DSC-H300 Digital Compact Bridge Camera

Sony DSC-H300 Review
Image Quality7.3
Value For Money8.6
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The Good
35 x optical zoom
Large image size
720p HD video recording
Excellent value for money
The Bad
Continuous shooting mode is slow
The Verdict
This entry level camera is a good option for photographers who are looking for a powerful bridge camera with a superzoom lens.

Any picture lover with a sense of beauty will know that your photographs are only as good as the camera you take them in. That is why, before you purchase a camera, it is important that you find out its specifications and ensure they match up to your expectations.

What Is A Bridge Camera?

Bridge cameras are named so because they ‘bridge the gap’ between single lens reflex cameras and point and shoot cameras. They are certainly some of the best cameras in the market for a number of reasons. The benefits of Bridge Cameras Bridge cameras are not heavy; in fact, they basically of the same size and weight as the smallest single lens reflex cameras. This means that you can take your camera with you wherever you go.

They also have manual controls over shutter speed aperture, ISO sensitivity, color balancing and metering so you can tweak the shot depending on conditions.

Most bridge cameras have exceptionally long zoom lenses which have a focal length of 20- 22 mm. These are often referred to as super zoom and ultra-zoom cameras.

This ability to zoom ensures that they produce very high quality photos that will never disappoint. Bridge cameras generally have small image sensors, which enable them to have very small lenses (sometimes less than 35 mm), which means very large zoom ranges are possible with one lens. Check out our bridge camera reviews below.