Canon EOS 760D Review: A Premium “Entry Level” DSLR From Canon

Continuous shooting speed could be better, but overall the 760D has a lot going for it.

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The entry level DSLR camera segment has become somewhat of a clutter with competing companies offering a number of interesting products. The segment has been divided into a number of sub-segments. There is the entry level camera, followed by the upper entry and even a premium entry level. The EOS 760D falls under the last segment. Let’s find out more about the camera.


The EOS 760D is powered by a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. The high resolution sensor is capable of producing images the size of 6000 x 4000 pixels. Large enough for A4 size prints quite easily.

Image Processing

Image processing on the EOS 760D is handled by Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processing engine. DIGIC 6 is an extremely fast image processor.


Autofocusing mechanism of the camera is a 19-point all cross-type system. Cross type sensors are more powerful than line sensors because they are able to detect contrast in two dimensions compared to one which line sensors are capable of.

Additionally the hybrid CMOS AF III mechanism works like a charm in video shooting as well. When you switch on the live-view you no longer get assistance from phase detection sensors inside the camera. But unlike the slower contrast detect AF sensors in traditional auto-focusing Canon’s hybrid system provides faster auto-focusing in live-view. It does this using sensor based phase detection sensors which turn on during live view shooting.

Add to that a 7560-Pixel RGB + IR metering sensor for accurate scene recognition and better white balance setting than traditional sensors.

ISO Sensitivity

The native ISO sensitivity of the camera is 100 – 12800. In the extended mode it can shoot between ISO 100 – 25600.

Still Shooting

Continuous shooting speed of the camera is only 5 fps. 5 fps may not sound much and it is certainly not suitable for capturing fast action or sports and certainly not for shooting fast moving birds. Having said that you can certainly make travel photos, your kids playing on the beach etc.

Video Shooting

These days it isn’t enough just to be able to shoot still photos. Specially the entry level and the semi-professional DSLR segment. The EOS 760D, thus, shoots videos as well. It can shoot full HD videos (1920 x 1080) at a frame rate of 30 fps. Built-in microphone records stereo quality sound.

Rear LCD Screen

The 3” rear LCD screen has a resolution of 1.04m-dots. The LCD screen can pivot and that is a great feature to have when shooting videos or shooting stills in live-view. The rear LCD screen incorporates ClearView II touchscreen technology.


The EOS 760D comes equipped with both built-in wireless and NFC connectivity. Built-in wireless is ideal for transferring images and videos. NFC ensure faster pairing with compatible devices.

Build Quality and Weather Sealing

Canon’s entry and upper entry level cameras are not deigned to withstand the vagaries of nature. They can take a bit of bump and knock, but in case you are planning to work in inclement weather this is not the camera that you should carry with you.

The camera however feels premium in the hands though. It gets a top LCD screen, something that is reserved for upper category cameras only. This is a first for in Rebel series cameras.

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