Sony DSCW800 Digital Compact Camera

Sony DSCW800 Digital Compact Camera

Sony DSCW800 Review
Image Quality7
Value For Money8.2
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The Good
5 x Optical Zoom
Super light & compact
Easy to use
Great value
The Bad
No touch screen
The Verdict
When you're looking for a high quality camera without the high prices, the W800 is the perfect camera for you.

The sales of cameras have fallen pretty dramatically in the last few years (because of the advent of the mobile camera), so camera makers decided to create a middle ground in camera design (pocket-sized, high-end cameras). These types of cameras were considered as a sort of back-up for DSLR cameras, because they offer a lot of control for basic camera users, developing an incredibly high quality of image.

Why Buy a Compact Digital Camera?

The best enthusiasts have issues with battery power and reliability with some DSLR models, The idea was that these compact cameras would be easier to carry than heavier models with less work (which is why they’re called point-and-shoot cameras). They’re still highly versatile and better than many cell phone cameras. plus they’re smaller and easier to use. They also come with both optical and electrical viewfinders, as well as pre-loaded digital filters that are far better than anything you’ll find on Instagram or Snapshot.

As technology continues to advance, compact digital cameras continue to get better, making it better for everyone involved. Manufacturers of compact digital cameras (Sony, Nikon, or Panasonic) equip these cameras with superior hardware, premium image quality, and great sensors. They also offer better raw capture ability through manual controls, advanced shooting features, and plenty of accessories and lenses.

Manual Controls and Raw Capture

Premium compact digital cameras (from Sony, Nikon, or Panasonic) have many programs that give great automatic options for users, but the real draw for these products are through programming aperture priorities, shutter priorities, and manual operating techniques (called PASM).

You’ll get a ton of raw files through data capturing technology and lots of sensory lens power, but you’ll have to have a lot of high-capacity cards to hold file sizes generated by manual photos.

Advanced Shooting Features

Compact digital cameras give you custom image profile settings, bracketing options, lock buttons and lots of filters (to overcome adverse lighting). All of these tools and compacts make them comparable to DSLR cameras, but the overall construction sometimes suffers.

Accessories and Lens Options

Expect to find some flaws in camera designs; but opt toward ergonomics and hand grips to make sure you get the most comfortable camera possible. You should always opt for a higher-end viewfinder too, preferably one that offers high resolution views. Many of these models even come with external microphones and lots of auto-focusing options.

Are Compact Digital Cameras Right For You?

Would you benefit from better images and faster shooting speed? Do you consider yourself a photography enthusiast who’s not pleased with mobile phone pictures? If you answered yes to these questions, you should look into a premium model of compact digital cameras. Prices of these models are constantly falling, making it a great option for today’s generation of photographer.