GoPro Hero4 Silver Review: A Big Step-Up In Video Quality

We review the second most feature packed camera in the GoPro range.

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The GoPro HERO4 Silver is the second most feature rich camera in the GoPro range (just behind the top of the line HERO4 Black) and accordingly commands the second highest price point.

The thing is though, with the Silver, you really do get a lot of camera for your money.

Fans of the old HERO3+ Black (now discontinued), will be familiar with the video recording specs of the GoPro HERO4 (they are the same). It can shoot video at: –

  • 4K at 15fps
  • 2.7K at 30fps
  • 1080p at 60fps
  • 720p at 120fps

However, the updated components in the HERO4 mean that the quality of video is much improved on the old HERO3 and there are also a lot of new recording options built in to the camera.

On top of the improvement in the quality of video, the GoPro HERO4 Silver also has a built in touchscreen – making it the very first GoPro camera to include this.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the camera’s features.

Video Capture & Quality

I’ve already laid out the video specs above, so let’s take a look at the quality of recording that those new components get you.

The video below was recorded in full HD 1080p at 60fps on the GoPro HERO4 Silver. Notice how crisp and sharp the bike is in the foreground and how smooth the playback is.

Here is one shot in 4K mode. It’s unbelievably sharp, but a little jerky due to the 15fps frame rate (also might take a little longer to load).

If you really want to shoot 4K video, then you will probably have to go to the top of the tree and the HERO4 Black (which shoots in 4K at 30fps), but it’s still nice to have the option.

The main thing is that the 1080p video is an improvement on the HERO3+ black (which was already excellent) and with the HERO4 Silver you’re going to be able to shoot extremely professional looking videos.

Photo Quality


The HERO4 Silver can capture still photos in an impressive 12MP and the camera’s Burst mode can grab up to 30 frames in a second.

There is also a Time Lapse mode, with the option to set intervals between 0.5 and 60 seconds.

Additionally, the camera has a Night Photo mode for low light settings, and a ‘Night Lapse’ mode for evening Time Lapse photos (configurable up to 30 seconds).

Audio Capture

The camera has a new high spec microphone, which has double the dynamic range of previous GoPros and a built in algorithm to maximise audio quality.

There is also the option to attach an external mic using the 3.5mm mic Adapter (seperate purchase).

Touch-Screen Display


The first GoPro to feature an integrated touch display (1.5 inch), the HERO 4 Silver’s screen can be used to frame shots, adjust settings and review captured video and stills.

The fact that you can instantly view back your video is a nice touch and the display is well integrated and doesn’t add to the camera’s size.

Accessories Supplied With The GoPro HERO4 Silver

The camera is supplied with a waterproof housing, that will keep your GoPro dry to a depth of 40 metres.

You also get 2 adhesive mounts (one flat and one curved), horizontal quick-release buckles that attach to the camera’s housing and a three way pivot arm, which will allow the camera to be mounted to a helmet.


The camera features a microSD slot, which is capable of supporting cards up to 64GB (not included with purchase).


Mini USB – for charging, connecting to computer (playback and file transfer) and connecting external mic (adapter required).

Micro HDMI – For playback directly to HDTV.

The camera features built in WI-FI for connecting to computers, tablets, mobile devices etc (and controlling with the free GoPro studio app).

Demonstration Video

You can watch GoPro’s demonstration video below.

Value For Money

Overall, the GoPro HERO4 Silver is excellent value, for a feature packed, professional quality action camera.

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