Nikon D5300 Review: A Solid Entry Level Shooter

Considering what you'll pay, the D5300 is a decent all-rounder, and a great choice as a first DSLR camera.

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Nikon’s entry level DSLRs that includes the D3xxx and the D5xxx series are extremely good cameras. The D5xxx series that includes the D5200, the D5300 and the later D5500 tend to have slightly better set of features compared to the purely entry level D3xxx series cameras. The D5300 is an upper entry level DSLR in that series.


The D5300 is powered by a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the same as the older D5200. The sensor lacks an optical low pass filter (unlike the D5200). That inherently means that the camera is capable of capturing a greater amount of detail and much sharper results than traditional OLPF equipped sensors.

This is a crop sensor, which Nikon refers to as the DX format. Nikon’s DX format has a crop factor of 1.5x. Crop factor basically refers to the phenomenon where smaller sensors ‘crop-out’ the extra areas of an image coming through a lens designed for the full-frame camera. In the process these cameras would give the same effect as extending the focal length of the sensor.

Image Processing

Image processing on the camera is handled by the EXPEED 4 image processing engine.


Auto-focusing is powered by a Multi-CAM 4800 DX 39-point AF sensor. The central 9 AF points are cross-type. Cross type AF points perform better when you are trying to focus on elements that have low contrast and or shooting in low light.

Apart from this a 2016 pixel RGB sensor ensures accurate metering over a wide spectrum of lighting scenarios.

ISO Sensitivity

ISO sensitivity refers to the sensors ability to shoot perfectly exposed photos even in low light situations. Higher the native ISO of a camera higher is the capacity of the camera to shoot in low light situations. The native ISO capabilities of the D5300 is 100 – 12800.

Still Shooting

Continuous shooting speed of the camera is 5 fps. 5 fps is good enough for family photos and for everyday photography but not for shooting sports or fast action.

Video Shooting

The D5300 is a capable video shooter as well. It shoots full HD videos (1920 x 1080p) at 60 fps with full-time continuous auto-focusing.

Rear LCD Screen

A large 3.2” rear LCD screen dominates the real estate at the back of the camera. The LCD screen offers a resolution of 1037k-dots. In addition the LCD screen swivels (Nikon calls it vari-angle).


The D5300’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that the camera can seamlessly transfer images and videos to an external device on the same network. GPS connectivity is useful in case you would want to keep a record of the exact geolocation of your images. That may be necessary when using the camera on a vacation. Both these features were introduced with the D5300 for the first time.

Build Quality and Weather Sealing

The D5300 isn’t a weather sealed camera. It does not have the protective sealing you would normally find on a pro-grade camera like the D5. It is made of plastic (mainly) with some metal areas.

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