Panasonic FZ330 Review: 4K Video Shooting? Yes Please.

The advantages of a convenient DSLR form-factor and a compact design.

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Bridge cameras combine the better of two worlds. They take the form factor that makes SLR cameras so popular and easy to use, and pack that inside a demure compact dimension. They take the optical superzoom lens that is the hallmark of smaller compact cameras and throw that into the mix as well. What you get is a formidable shooting tool. Bridge cameras are extremely popular cameras because of these reasons. In this review we take the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK bridge camera and try to find out more about it.

panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz330ebk2Main Features

  • These are the main features of the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK
  • 1/2.3” sensor with an effective resolution of 12.1 megapixels
  • f/2.8 25-600mm (35mm format equivalent) LEICA DC VARIO ELMARIT lens
  • fixed f/2.8 aperture across the focal length
  • Splash / dustproof rugged design
  • High speed auto-focusing using DFD technology
  • Internal 4K video capability
  • 1440k-dot 0.7x large OLED viewfinder
  • 3” free angle large touchscreen rear LCD monitor
  • 12 fps continuous shooting speed
  • 5-axis correction / tilt correction


The Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK is powered by a 1/2.3″ high sensitivity MOS sensor capable of churning out 12.1 effective megapixels. The sensor produces clean noise-less images of a size 4000 x 3000 pixels.


The lens of the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK has a focal length range of 4.5mm – 108mm. In other words the zoom range is 24x. That, on a 35mm format is the equivalent of 25 – 600mm. It has a fixed aperture of f/2.8 across the focal length making this an effective lens for shooting wildlife, birding, sports and other types of low light and fact action photography.

LCD screen

The rear of the camera is dominated by a 3” free-angle, touch panel monitor. The approximate angle of view of the LCD screen is 100%.


There is a small 0.39” OLED Electronic LVF with 1440k dots. The field of view achievable on the viewfinder is approximately 100%. The electronic viewfinder projects the image reaching the sensor and shows it with a slight lag time.

ISO sensitivity

The ISO sensitivity on the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK ranges from 100 – 6400. ISO can be changed over at 1/3 EV steps.

Built-in flash

There is also a built-in flash on the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK. The coverage with the flash is 0.3 – 8.8m at wide mode and 1 – 8.8m on the tele mode (both with auto ISO).

Movie recording

This is one of those rare few bridge cameras that have internal 4K video shooting capabilities.

Internal mic onboard the camera records sound with your video bytes.


£449 (RRP) is what you the Lumix DMC-FZ330EBK will set you back. However, at that price you get a series of features that is miles ahead of the general bridge camera segment. You get good weather sealing. You get native 4K shooting abilities. You get a powerful 600mm f/2.8 lens. You get a 3” touch panel LCD monitor. Above everything else you also get the advantages of a convenient DSLR form-factor and a compact design.

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