Pentax K-50 Review: A Great DSLR For Outdoor Shooting

Best DSLR For Action Photography In 2017

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The Pentax K50 is a 16.3 megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor powered DSLR camera. It is an entry level DSLR from Pentax which comes with robust weather sealing and an array of manual controls.


The 16.3 megapixel sensor is capable of producing decent sized images (4928 x 3264 pixels). That said sensor resolution is hardly the USP of this camera. The crop factor of Pentax’s APS-C sensors is 1.5x. Simply multiply the focal length of the lens in question by 1.5 to find out the effective focal length (35mm format equivalent) on the camera.

Image Processing

Image processing on the camera is handled by Pentax’s PRIME M image processing engine. The PRIME M image processor is rated to produce clean images even in poor lighting situations.


Auto-focusing on the K50 is powered by an 11-point phase detection AF system and SAFOX IXi+ system. 9 out of these AF points are cross-types. Manual focusing is assisted by focus peaking that highlights areas of contrast.

The camera employs a 77-segment exposure metering system that ensures the most accurate metering possible, even for scenes which are poorly lit.

ISO Sensitivity

Native ISO sensitivity of the camera is 100 to 51200.

Still Shooting

Pentax cameras employ sensor-shift type image stabilization. That means all lenses are going to be image stabilized automatically. Image stabilization is rated at 3 stops. Meaning you can use up to three stops slower shutter speed than what the camera meter tells you and still the camera will compensate for the shake. The other major feature of the camera is a reasonable continuous shooting speed of 6 fps.

Video Shooting

The K50 can shoot full HD videos (1920 x 1080p) at a frame rate of 30 fps. There is a built-in audio mic but it records only monaural sound. You have the option to choose between H.264 AVC or MPEG 4 compression when recoding videos. Files are saved in .MOV format.

Rear LCD Screen

The 3” rear LCD screen has a resolution of 921,000 dots. Unlike some of its more illustrious competitors the LCD screen of the K50 does not articulate nor does it have a touchscreen option.


Standard connectivity options. No wireless or GPS.

Build Quality and Weather Sealing

Despite being an entry level DSLR, the Pentax K50 comes with two command wheels. Both of them are customizable which means you can assign an array of functionalities to them.

Make no mistake, this is one well-built piece of photography tool. A polycarbonate exterior cover which houses a stainless steel chassis. Pentax cameras are known for their extremely good built quality as well as fantastic weather proofing. The K50 reaffirms this. The operating temperature of the camera is 14 – 104 ˚. You will hardly find a cheaper weather sealed camera as good as the K50.

The camera comes in a choice of 120 color combinations. You should be able to find one matching your eye color, or even match the color of your car.

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