Pentax K-S1 Review: Has It’s Fault, But Decent For Beiginners

Not bad, but we feel there are better options at the entry level.

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The Pentax K-S1 for many is the ideal entry level camera. It is one of the cheapest entry level DSLRs with a host of features. The K-S1 has since been replaced by the more illustrious K-S2. But let’s yet look deeper into the camera’s features and find out more about them.


The Pentax K-S1 is powered by a 20 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. The sensor produces large fine RAW and JPEGs of the size 5472x 3648 pixels.

Pentax systems, just like Nikon has a crop factor of 1.5x. All lenses that are designed for the larger full-frame cameras when mounted on crop sensor powered cameras have the effect of ‘extending’ the effective focal length. Mind you, the actual focal length never changes. But what does is that the image frame gets smaller because of the smaller sensor and that gives the illusion of ‘telephoto effect’.

Image Processing

Image processing on the Pentax K-S1 is powered by the PRIME M II Image processing engine.


Auto-focusing is powered by the SAFOX IXi 11 point AF system. 9 out of these are cross-type. Cross-type sensors are much more sensitive when you are shooting low contrast scenes and when shooting in low light.

ISO Sensitivity

The Pentax K-S1 is capable of shooting images with a native ISO range of 100 to 51200.

Still Shooting

Invariably when someone speaks about still shooting, the first order of business is the continuous shooting speed of the camera. The Pentax K-S1 isn’t the ideal camera for sports or action or wildlife. As it can shoot at a frame rate of 5.4 fps.

Image Stabilization

A big advantage to using Pentax systems is that their camera comes with body-based (sensor-shift type) image stabilization. This technology is apparently more convenient than traditional system of lens-based image stabilization. This is because all compatible lenses are stabilized by default.

Video Shooting

Full HD video recording is possible with the K-S1. It shoots full HD videos at a frame rate of 30 fps and with sound. The built-in mic, however, can only record monaural sound quality.

Rear LCD Screen

The rear 3” LCD screen of the camera comes with a resolution of 921k-dots. In terms of LCD screen resolution this is not something extraordinary. The screen does not articulate.


No built-in wireless or NFC or Bluetooth. Standard USB options are available.

Build Quality and Weather Sealing

The Pentax K-S1 is designed to impress the entry level DSLR users. Obviously with it Pentax has persisted with the concept of multiple colors. Then on top of it you have an array of lighting which ensures that the camera stands out in the crowd when used. There is a green light ring around the shutter button which turns to red when the camera mode is switched to video recording. There are additional lights at the back of the camera for the ‘OK’ and the shooting mode buttons. There are more glitter and twinkles around. Obviously, serious users wouldn’t care for a camera that resembles a Christmas tree with lights on.

Overall design is also not the usual DSLR type. Pentax for some reason attempted to make this noticeably demure camera more a smartphone than a camera. You will notice the lack of friction in the smooth plastic areas. In fact there are serious lack of grip on the camera making it a slippery customer.

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