Sony DSC-H300 Review: A Whopping 70x Optical Zoom

This entry level camera is a good option for photographers who are looking for a powerful bridge camera with a superzoom lens.

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Continuing with our discussion of the digital compact system cameras we take up the Sony DSC-H300 digital compact bridge camera (Black) this time. Compact bridge cameras are the perfect fusion between DSLRs and compact systems. With their compact like optics and systems and DSLR feature they are extremely popular among newbie shooters.

Main Features

  • 20.1 megapixel 1/2.3” Super HAD CCD sensor
  • Large image size of 5152 x 3864 pixels
  • Auto ISO range of 100 – 3200
  • 720p HD video recording with sound recording via built-in mono mic
  • Built-in flash=
  • 35x optical zoom lens
  • 3” TFT LCD screen
  • Built-in viewfinder

The DSC-H300 has a similar 1/2.3” Super HAD CCD sensor capable of churning out 20.1 megapixel. A larger resolution is necessary for creating a larger print. The frames produced by the DSC-H300 are of the size 5152 x 3864 pixels.


The fixed lens on the DSC-H300 has a 35x optical zoom. In 35mm format parlance the lens has a focal length of 4.5 – 157.5mm. There is also a 70x digital zoom. Though, the digital zoom is not the most exciting aspect of the camera. With a maximum aperture of f/3.5 (at the wide angle end) and f/5.9 (at the tele-end) you can create some amount of background blur.

Compact cameras lenses are always extremely versatile, in the sense that they are effective for shooting wide angle, telephoto as well as macro images. The lens of the DSC-H300 can be focused as close as 0.04” to infinity in the wide mode and 4.92” to infinity in the telephoto mode.

In addition to these the lens has optical SteadyShot image stabilization. Optical image stabilization ensures most frames shot with induced hand-shake are corrected and the image is brought in line with the image plane.

There are no filer threads on the lens. You cannot mount a normal screw-in filter with the lens.

LCD screen

The rear LCD screen has a diagonal viewing area of 3”. It has a resolution of 460,800.


The electronic viewfinder on the DSC-H300 is a small and has some amount of lag. You will have to adjust your shooting with it. The lag can make timing of your shots a tag difficult.

ISO sensitivity

Auto native ISO sensitivity of the DSCH-300 is 80-3200.

Continuous shooting speed

Nothing to write home about regarding continuous shooting speed. The DSC-H300 has a continuous shooting speed of 0.80 fps and can shoot a continuous 100 shots before the buffer overruns.

Built-in flash

Most compact system cameras have what is known as a pop-up flash. The DSC-H300 also has one. The effective range of the flash is 1.31’ – 22.31’ in the wide mode and 4.92’ – 11.81’ in the tele mode.

Movie recording

Being able to shoot videos is of paramount importance for all compact system cameras. The DSC-H300 is no exception in this regard. It can shoot high-quality 720p HD videos. The camera has a built-in mic (mono) allowing you to record sound along with your video clips. The one-touch video recording button is conveniently positioned close to where the right thumb rest would be, allowing you to start recording clips instantly.


£138.19 this entry level camera is a good option for photographers who are looking for a powerful bridge camera with a superzoom lens.

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