Sony DSCW800 Review: Still One Of Our Favourite Compact Cameras

When you're looking for a high quality camera without the high prices, the W800 is the perfect camera for you.

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With over 20 megapixels and a slim, streamlined design, the Sony DSCW800 is a great option for anyone looking for a point and shoot that both slips in your pocket and performs how it should. It’s also very affordable and easy to use- making it a great camera for beginners.

That being said, is it worth spending your money on? Should you consider purchasing a different camera?

In this review, we’ll highlight the most important features about the Sony DSCW800, as well as help you decide if this camera is right for you (especially if you’re a novice or intermediate photographer).

In some situations, it might be worth it to by a more advanced model- but be prepared to pay a much higher price. This is because the Sony DSCW800 is very reasonably priced in its market for the features offered.

About the Sony DSCW800 Digital Compact Camera


The Sony W800 was designed as the middle ground between a less complicated mobile camera and an expensive DSLR. This model was highlighted as having one of the best designs for novice photographers, as well as scene modes that make the most of “picture times” in situations at parties, or at night.

This ensures that where some point -and- shoots fall through, the W800 is still a very versatile option.

In many respects the W800 has been simplified to make it easier for new users.

The simplified menu keeps data to a minimum, and the camera has large buttons (including an easy to access, dedicated record button) and a sizable display to make everything crystal clear. It even comes complete with a wrist strap, and raised finger ridges on the front to help it fit better in your hands.

Super Light and Compact

sonyw800sizeThe Sony DSCW800 is tiny, and this size its much of its appeal.

It’s less than four inches long and two inches wide, meaning that it’ll slide into any pants or jeans pocket without having to struggle, and it’s light as a feather to make it even easier to carry with you.

With a sleek classy design and black or grey casings, you’ll love how this model looks (but it’s actually plastic, and prone to scratching if you aren’t gentle with it).

For its size, it still comes with a high resolution 2.7″ screen to help you enjoy your photographs, but some reviewers complained that the style of the camera creates poor viewing angles that create washed out image views when looked at from below.

You also won’t get touch screen controls, but the extremely affordable price more than makes up for this shortcoming.

5X Optical Zoom and Plenty of Manual Options


You’ll love operating this camera, because it’s so simple and straightforward.

It even offers an easy mode to hide any unnecessary functions (keeping all the information that you need large enough that it’s easily readable). That being said, the W800 is great for adjusting exposures, compensating for low light, and working with your white balance and ISO sensitivity.

You’ll also get four picture effects to add to your shots and a great panorama mode that makes it easy to shoot wide framed shots.

This model comes complete with a set of rechargeable batteries.

In Conclusion: Is the Sony DSCW800 Digital Camera Right for You


When you’re looking for a high quality camera without the high prices, the W800 is the perfect camera for you.

If you’re looking for a smaller camera to use if the battery on your DSLR dies and you haven’t got any spares, you’ll also love this camera! Its simple design and easy to use features make it great for novices and intermediate photographers alike.

If you’re looking for premium features, great zoom, and an amazing display with spectacular resolution, you might want to spend a couple hundred dollars more and invest in a pricier model.

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